We have released two short teasers for our upcoming Pack update!

Take a peek at one of the many weird and wonderful beings you’ll encounter in our HUGE free upcoming Icebreaker update.

The Fashion Conscious Crustaceans.

Share the video: http://youtu.be/EbVkQcO3DYk

This massive update will include over 40 brand new levels, tons of cool new mechanics, story, characters, achievements and one of the best looking boss encounters we’ve ever produced. All set in the belly of a giant beast. It’s going to be seriously epic!

Here is another glimpse into our HUGE free upcoming Icebreaker update.

The Glorious Gloves.

Share the video: http://youtu.be/OcqUM1ARcN8

Some experienced Icebreaker veterans may recognise this “handy” tool from our web release. We always wanted to include them in the initial launch but never got around to it. However we are really pleased to say that they’re back and better than ever before.

The plan is to have the Android release arrive alongside this update. So Android users can finally be in sync with the latest Icebreaker build.

Oh... and did we forget to say that the ‘iPad’ version is going Universal! And not only that, the universal build should finally have cloud saving alongside this big update. So (fingers and toes crossed) both of your devices will at-last be in sync.

Please stay tuned for more Icebreaker news. =)