Hey Nitromians,

With our HUGE Icebreaker update now submitted to stores and under review. We thought we would share a something AWESOME whilst we wait. That something being ‘Delicious Caviar’ of course...

This has got to be one of the coolest and playful additions to the new Kraken pack yet. Giant caviar (fish eggs) can be found deep within the body of the giant sea beast. They’re pop-able like bubble wrap, stick to almost anything, they can fire from cannons, build bridges, work as safety nets... kinda useful no?

On a further note:

For those of you who missed our announcement on Thursday. The update has been submitted for review on the stores (Play, Amazon and App Store). Just to give you all a rough timeframe, the stores give a guide of up to a maximum of two weeks to review an app. When Icebreaker has been given the go ahead by these, then we can finally let you guys know a release date.

As we have previously mentioned, we want to make as big as splash as possible with Icebreaker: A Viking voyage and keep updates in sync. So we want the big update to be a simultaneous launch across Android, iOS and Amazon stores. 

More news on the release and update of Icebreaker when it becomes available.